Erika and Rodrigo   January 30, 2022

Our experience with Barbara was great. She was very professional and responsive. We greatly appreciate that Barbara made herself available even though we notified her of the ceremony a few days ahead. Thank you, Barbara!

Congratulations Jay and Michael

February 13, 2022

Catherine and Javier Feb 25,2022

Thaisa and Ian Feb. 21, 2022

Megan C.

Barbara did such an amazing job with our wedding. Her words brought the whole crowd to tears. She was so kind and loving and truly gave a great ceremony. So much so that’s some of the participants of the wedding want to fly her to Colorado to marry them!

Kavi and Margi   January 28, 2022

Michele and Yosan    January 22, 2022

Gretchen and Art March 11, 2022

Jessica and Carlos     January 29, 2022

What a beautiful experience! Barbara was absolutely wonderful and made my wedding day so memorable. I am so happy we found her.

Michele and Rocky April 3, 2022

Noel and Matt March 26, 2022

Keqing and Johan March 6, 2022

Megan and Art May 5, 2022

Photo by Marco Photo Co.