Barbara was amazing. She took care of the entire ceremony and the marriage license process. It was truly a beautiful ceremony because of her. She brought a microphone, which was a huge help, and even printed our vows and license on special stationary. She showed up to the venue early on our wedding day to make sure everything ran smoothly. Each of her ceremonies is completely customized. She is a wonderful person inside and out. I’m so glad we met her. 

Lindsey and Yassine November 12, 2021

Barbara Pinker was the best officiant. She is a wonderful woman and I highly recommend her to anybody’s wedding. She’s heartfelt, warming, kind and thoughtful and will always be remembered as a big part of our special day.  John and Karen McCutchen  February 5, 2021

Rev. Barbara was excellent to work with! Highly recommend her as she was extremely professional, organized and made our life so easy. We wanted a short and simple ceremony and she gave us exactly that. She gave us the opportunity to provide input into everything she did and took the time to ask us questions to make it personal to us.

Alejandra and Luca

August 28, 2021

Jade and Lawrence April 24, 2021

Highly recommend! My now husband and I decided to get married the day before we did and Barbara Pinker was there for us even with less than 24 hour notice! She catered to our needs, was extremely responsive and on time and provided us just what we wanted. Thank you so much for all the help and we are extremely grateful that you married us!

Gavrilia and Dana 

July 16, 2021

Barbara was the perfect person to officiate our small ceremony! She was absolutely responsive and very punctual on the day of. She was calm and collected throughout the whole thing and honestly made me feel very relaxed during what I thought would be one of the most nerve-racking moments of our lives! She made the whole booking process very easy as well, overall GREAT CHOICE!

Melodies and Mathew April 30, 2021

Barbara Pinker she is a true professional she came in early to assess the venue speak with yes and persons getting married she makes all feel at ease speaks about how things are going to go and listens to your suggestions and how you want things to be...she helps you write your own script or vows if need be and make sure the ceremony comes out as perfect as you want it ... her calm demeanor it’s contagious which is necessary at times for such an event🙂 I highly suggest using her services and she comes highly recommended be me ..thank you.

If I had to say one word it would be amazing! She was kind, she saved the day because it was such short notice and I'm so happy over all she is truly amazing and all we can say is thank you so much ♥

Amanda and Jose November 28, 2021

Michelle and Vladimir 

November 21, 2021

Reverend Pinker is the best. We didn’t have to look too far- sweet, efficient, motherly, has one of the most soothing voices, beautiful energy. Never too busy to immediately respond to any emails, text messages, phone calls. My husband and I loved how patient she was (I was a little late for the ceremony), she understood that things happen.. we are forever grateful to you Reverend Pinker. Love, Vlad and Michelle.

Tanisha and Erricka May 8, 2021

Lisa and Mark

February 20, 2021

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Marissa and Tyler  May 1, 2021

Barbara was such a pleasure to work with. I knew I didn’t want just any officiant to marry us so I did my research and felt so right about picking Barbara. Throughout the entire process I felt reassured by our choice. Barbara was responsive and helpful. Being newer to the area, she helped us pick a beautiful location on the beach and answered all of our questions. I also love how she performs all different types of ceremonies and allowed us to customize our ceremony. I could not recommend Barbara enough to anyone looking for an officiant! Barbara is amazing and I’m so grateful to her for making our day so special.

Barbara was excellent to work with for my small beach wedding ceremony. She was very responsive immediately. She sent us 3 different choices for our ceremony and we liked one and then added a different part of another one. The day of the ceremony Barbara was very punctual and worked well with the photographer. The guests were very impressed by her. She made the wedding go smoothly. Highly recommend her! Thank you so much for being part of our day!

Julia and Rod

The Riverfront Hotel

Ft. Lauderdale


Thank you Whitney and BJ. You really made my day, week, year! 

Grateful for Barbara. Great experience. We loved everything.

Johan and Yury

September 3, 2021

Carline and Preston May 12, 2021

Lovina and Ignatius May 2, 2021

Received 1/16/21

Margaret and Guillaume

November 13, 2022

Beth and Faisal July 23, 2021

Barbara was very supportive in the way she helped us on our Wedding day. She went out of her way to help us find a venue for our day. She's very personable, friendly and professional. We Highly Recommend Her!

Kathleen and Michael   March 15, 2021

Amazing in every way. We were so happy with our choice in Officant. Polite, and on time. Cares about her work.

Samantha and Luis October 24, 2021

Anthony and Henry January 30, 2021

Barbara was simply wonderful! We had a beautiful ceremony and she made the process effortless. Thank you so much!!!

Danielle and Clayton 

August 15, 2021

It was truly blessings having miss Barbara hosting our wedding at beach it just made the moment even more especial and the vows words was the most beautiful and meaningful words I ever heard before me and my wife were truly thankful so I highly recommended miss Barbara to anyone out there getting married.

Christine and Helder 

August 14, 2021